New PES 2015 Images & Trailer Released

Konami just revealed a new trailer for the Japanese version of PES, Winning Eleven, as well as two new screenshots from that game. The new Winning Eleven 2015 screens and the video are showing scenes from various games, including a first-ever short sequence of the rain feature in PES 2015.

Yesterday was the planned release of the PES 2015 Demo, which was in the end only out for Asian customers, while the European PES 2015 demo release date was not yet officially confirmed by Konami. The PES 2015 PC demo will only be released on November 13.

Winning Eleven 2015 Official Trailer

This is the new WE 2015 trailer released for Tokyo Game Show 2014.

New WE 2015 Screens

Konami also unveiled two new images from the Winning Eleven 2015 game.

PES 2015 Demo Gameplay Videos

Prior to the PES 2015 Demo released on consoles tomorrow, WENB have uploaded a few exclusive, direct-capture PES 2015 Demo gameplay videos. Also check out their PES 2015 demo screens.

If you have a console, make sure to download the PES 2015 Demo when it's released worldwide tomorrow. PC users will have to wait until Novemeber 13 for the demo.

PES 2015 Demo Images Released

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Demo will be released tomorrow on consoles (November 13 on PC) and fansite Winning Eleven Next-Gen Blog got their hands on it earlier.

Today the embargo on WENB's PES 2015 Demo material finally dropped and WENB already released lots of screens and videos from the Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Demo menus as well as ingame scenes.

The probable inclusion of the stadiums in Berlin and Warsaw, stadiums for the 2015 Champions League and Europa League, respectively, seems confirmed by their presence in the menu backgrounds, as well.

Jon Murphy Leaves Konami

Jon Murphy, who has been a part of the Pro Evolution Soccer team for almost 10 years, today announced that he is leaving Konami to "seek new challenges" on Twitter.

Jon Murphy, best-known for being the PES community manager before Adam Bhatti got the job, worked more in the background in the last few years. Lately he was tasked with the rebranding of the Online PES League.

Jon Murphy leaves Konami after 16 years

Jon Murphy, long-term Pro Evolution Soccer representative, leaves the Japanese game developer after 16 years.

PES 2015 PC Demo Released November 13

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PC Demo launches on November 13 2014, the release date for the PES 2015 full version. Konami had already announced, that while the PES 2015 console demo launches September 17, the PES 2015 PC would be out 'closer to the release date'.

PES 2015 PC Demo Release Date

The PES 2015 PC demo will be released on November 13.

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Demo will include seven European teams and allow users to play 7- and 10-minute matches.

It seems we now got confirmation that the PES 2015 PC Demo will actually be released exactly on the release date, as Robbye Ron, who is close to Adam Bhatti and Konami , wrote on his Twitter.

Konami explained the late Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 PC Demo release with the 'hacking' of the PES 2013 PC demo, when modders unlocked more teams than were initially included.

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PES Master - Pro Evolution Soccer Database Launched

We are happy to announce that we are launching today, a Pro Evolution Soccer database site featuring all teams and players from PES 2014, and soon PES 2015.

PES Master - Pro Evolution Soccer Database

The PES Master Database includes more than 14,000 PES 2014 players and more than 400 clubs and national teams from the official PES 2014 game database.

The dedicated player pages give a quick overview about strengths and weaknesses of PES 2014 players, including the famous PES hexagon. There is also a list of similar players to select from, as well as a comment form to give your opinions on the PES 2014 player and stats.

PES 2014 Advanced Search

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Advanced Search offers a ton of possibilities.

Using the PES 2014 Advanced Search feature, you are able to quickly find the right players for your Master League or MLO team. Simply adjust the sliders at the top and the results will show up below.

PES Master also offers you to create a shortlist of your favourite players to save for later and to compare. For more in-depth player comparisons, have a look at the PES 2014 Player Comparison page.

Make sure to also check out the official PES Master Facebook and PES Master Twitter pages.

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