PES 2015 Live Update (March 30 - April 5) Released

PES 2015 Live Updates are back after the international break. Konami use today's update to adjust player forms and team lineups in accordance to latest developments, as well as adding some new mid-season transfers.

Jim Beglin To Continue as PES 2016 Co-Commentator

While there are no news on the gameplay or features of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, recording sessions for commentary lines have already started - at least for the English language version.

PES 2015 Live Update (March 16-22) Released

It's a quiet PES 2015 Live Update, as today's update only includes five transfers and six new players for PES 2015.

New PES 2015 Live Update (March 9 - 15) Released

Today's PES 2015 Live Update covers the last week (March 9 - 15) and includes 19 previously missing transfers, as well as five totally new players.

Konami Announce Free-to-Play Winning Eleven 2015 myClub

Konami today released a new free-to-play game named Winning Eleven 2015 myClub in Japan.

While the new free-to-play Konami football game is at the moment only available in Japan and on Playstation 4, it is expected to be released on other platforms and in other parts of the world shortly.

PES 2015 Data Pack 4.00 Released

As announced last week, the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Data Pack 4.00 was released this morning.

PES 2015 Data Pack 4.00 Features

For a full overview of changes brought by PES 2015 Data Pack 4.00, see our previous announcement.

The PES 2015 Data Pack 4 updates all squads to bring them in line with the transfers made during the January window. 11 new boots and two new balls were also included in today's download, while the users on Playstation 4 and Xbox One receive three new stadiums for the game. On top of all that, 60+ players got new faces, based on performance in the season and user votes on various fan sites.

Quite a few player ratings were also updated for the Data Pack 4.00, including the two highest-rated players, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are now rated at 98 overall points. Zlatan Ibrahimović and Arjen Robben both received a +2-boost and are now valued at 94 overally. Due to these updates, the weekly PES 2015 Live Updates take another break, before they are expected to return next week.

A number of Brazilian teams (including Atletico Mineiro and Botafogo) were updated in terms of real player names and should now feature real names and appearances for most important squad members.

PES 2015 Data Pack 4.00 Download

To download the new PES 2015 Data Pack, simply boot up PES 2015 on your console or the PC, it should automatically download the Data Pack. The size of the download varies on the different systems, for PC it's 618MB, users on current-gen consoles will have to download a bit more due to the added stadiums.

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