2010 Demo Champions League Patch

Included teams are:
  • FC Barcelona
  • Real Madrid
  • Inter
  • Juventus
  • Arsenal
  • Manchester United
  • correct squards and line-ups
  • correct player stats and numbers
  • Champions League adboards and scoreboard
  • CL Menu
  • CL sleeve patches
  • CL kits, numbers and fonts
  • CL referee kits
  • CL ball
  • faces for all players
  • correct boots for most players
  • and much more...

How to install:
  1. Copy the img-files inside "Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 DEMO/img" into the img-directory of your PES 2010 Demo folder
  2. Open the file 'dt01.img' (Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 DEMO/img) with AFS Explorer
  3. Click 'action -> import folder' and select the folder 'pf01.img inside the chantpack folder
  4. Click yes when a window appears and rebuild the img as 'pf01.img', copy the new file to "Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 DEMO/img"
  5. Repeat this with the files dt05_x.img (replace 'x' by e.g. 'g' if you use German language or 'e' if you play the game on English), dt06.img, dt07.img and dt09.img. (the corrspondend folders are pf05_x.img, pf06.img, pf07.img and pf09.img
  6. Start the game with 'pes2010_CL.exe'
  • BIG THANKS TO HIO for his hex-editing
  • thanks to gigamarulla for the chants
  • thanks to jvinu2000, Nicklaaas, Billy & Stone Cold for the kits
  • thanks to Marco_76ers for the numbers & fonts
  • thanks to moeom for his CL graphics patch
  • thanks to R4m130 for the CL adboards
  • thanks to maleklamapard for the CL referee kits
  • thanks to various facemakers for the faces
  • thanks to gkan for the CL ball
  • thanks to Konami for bringing PES back on track ;-)