2010 Patch 0.6

Includes all previous updates

Features: (new in italic)
  • Kits for all national teams
  • Kits for all Bundesliga teams
  • Bundesliga in place of Eredivisie (Eredivisie is still there; your saved games still work ;-)
  • Missing teams added to CL mode selection
  • updated league and cup logos
  • Bundesliga teams basis
  • updated German national team
  • original league, cup and team logos
  • correct kits for all EPL and La Liga teams
  • faces for some players
  • correct team names

If you use Official PES 2010 Patch 1.1, please save your pes2010.exe file, so you can still play online.

Patch team:
  • Pat
  • Grand Bleu (kits)
If you want to help us this formula to contact us ;-)