Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Money ML 2010 Tool by MxSoniC

How to use:
  • Start the tool
  • Open ML File
  • Change your Money
  • Save ML File
  • Have Fun :-)


Anonymous said...

where should I copy the files?

seo said...

Hello! Thanks for this tool, but there is a problem i have the 1.03 oficial patch of Konami, and i cannot modify the money of all the master league archives who i have been started after i install the patch, with the 1.0 version there is no problem, only if we have the 1.03 or the 1.02 version.

Anonymous said...

tried it five times and it just keeps crashing the ML file

Anonymous said...

to me it works perfectly and I have the patch 1.02 and it does not leave the game

Anonymous said...

Mine crashes all the time as well...ANY suggestions?

Anonymous said...

i have pesedit patch 1,6.5 and its crash too

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