Friday, May 31, 2013

PES 2014 Features Overview *Updated 31/05/13*

PES 2014 Release Date

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is expected to be released in September / October of 2013. An official date should be announced around August.

PES 2014 Demo

Konami will release a playable demo for PES 2014 before the official release. As PES 2014 Demo will use the new engine it is not likely it's going to be released as early as PES 2013, which saw two demo versions in late July and early September respectively. PES 2014 Demo will probably be released in August or September 2013.

PES 2014 Videos new

Konami released a first PES 2014 Trailer on May 30, one week ahead of their pre-E3 show.

PES 2014 Engine

PES 2014 will use a modified version of Fox Engine, developed by Kojima Productions. The new PES 2014 engine was announced mid-March in Edge Magazine.

Key features of the new engine, besides much improved graphics, include all new physics and animation engines.

PES 2014 Graphics

The engine for PES 2014 will be using Fox Engine mainly for the graphics, according to Konami. All ingame 3D objects receive a major overhaul and are said to look very close to real life counterparts.

Kits are now seperated from player models which means they they hang from the players and flow. Faces, while using only 2000 polygons, are looking very realistic thanks to shading and texture.

Thanks to Pro Evolution Soccer's new Engine, snow will return to the weather selection.

PES 2014 Licenses

Konami on 22/04/13 announced the addition of AFC Champions League to Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, while also confirming renewals for UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Copa Libertadores.

Primera División, Ligue 1 and Eredisivie should remain fully licensed, while all Serie A teams should be individually licensed. While most English teams will remain with fake team names and shirts (as long as the league maintains an exclusive deal with EA Sports) another team might be added to join Manchester United as full licensed. This may not be one of the teams that have an individual partnership with EA (Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Newcastle, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur). German Bundesliga will remain absent apart up to two licensed teams. One of them should be Bayern while the other one is most likely the 2nd best team apart Dortmund who have exclusive EA deal, too.

Seeing Konami's huge sales success in Latin America it is extremly likely there will be another full league of the region. First option, logically, is Argentinian Primera División. The league was actually rumored to be in PES 2013 with Konami reportedly failing to get all teams' licenses in time.

Spanish Liga Adelante (2nd division) could well be added fully licensed, if rumors are to be believed.

There were also reports about a number of Brazilian stadiums to be in the game, including new Arena do Grêmio. Konami also declared its desire to add another league with fully licensed stadiums besides La Liga, with French Ligue 1 and Dutch Eredivisie the main options.

PES 2014 Modes

League & Offline Community modes are likely to return after all the negative responds Konami received after removing the two modes in PES 2013.

'Boot boosting' as seen in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013's Football Life modes is set to be removed altogether.

PES 2014 Editing

Edit mode will receive an almost complete overhaul if rumors from last year are believed to be true. The updates include the option of unlimited slots for graphics such as emblems or kit logos as well as for Edit mode stadium slots. PES 2014 should also see the addition of Third kits for various teams.


Anonymous said...

The only thing I want is that in ML we can change team at the end of season for example... it would be realistic and fantastic.

However, great news for PES comunity! :D

Anonymous said...

Good news for this great game and here in Honduras there are many fans of this great game that we hope someday to add the Honduras Soccer Liga but know it's a small league but it is our passion.

Many Greetings from Honduras.

Anonymous said...

I really hope to see real snow mode, more real-time graphics, and more licenses, especially from Premier League!

PROBLEM: I just hope that the new Engine will be mod-compatible, i can't see myself playing PES without PesEdit patch on it! :(

Anonymous said...

Oh no it looks the graphics are so super duper high. So my laptop can't run the game properly. Heck PES 2013, I ran using config.exe from kitserver13 to enforce the quality to Medium so I can play if not the game will crash. By the looks of this graphics surely my laptop can't handle this one, sad :(

Anonymous said...

I want to type in the type of players added ankle...

Anonymous said...


Paul Tang Arce said...

:D Good news .

Paul Tang Arce said...

good news :3

Anonymous said...

Imo, Game play is more important than graphics

goalkeepers and referees AI are the game's aspects Konami needs to overhaul completely as they are complete flops in pes2013, (no handballs in previous pes titles, and the GK's, they don't stretch arms when weak shot are hit towards the, they just let them creating a 50%+ "Unawesome" goal...although overall, the title is the best soccer game ever

Anonymous said...

Awesome news pro evo!

Anonymous said...

One thing that would be great to add is the GK position so BAL.

Danee said...

on Feature Football Life on Master League Mode on PES 2012 and PES 2013 just made a Player to be Manager the Club what we want to play, but The Manager can not Transfer or Move to another Club. And I Hopefully on PES 2014, The Manager can Move or Transfer to or From another Club/Team, It's gonna be Awesome to be real....Just like Club Manager but we can Play the Team...and please don't to much Feint, in real Match, Feint very rarely used...

Anonymous said...

What about ML? In PES 09 you could exchange players and add some money(points), I'd like to see it in PES 14

Sonetra Keth said...

I hope PES 2014 will come with the Tape selection...just like Christiano Ronaldo high ankle tape.... Please John Murphy or anyone else who can make it..... m beggin' you guys....!

Sonetra Keth said...

I hope PES 2014 will come with the Tape Selection.....just like like Christiano Ronaldo's high ankle tape. Please Jon Murphy or Anyone who can create this kinda Tape... m beggin' you guys to make it. Please include it into PES 2014.......

Anonymous said...

not just the goalkeeper needs an overhaul, i think that AI should have more playing styles, for example, Barcelona should keep more the ball, pass more, avoid long range balls all the time, avoid crossing balls, its not their main playing style, while some other teams should have unique AI playing styles too, that yet, its annoying when you play BAL Mode and your team never pass the ball back to you, they just wanna run forward until the field has gone or missed a shot to goal, they never try harder to find a space to make a play, thats why i never play BAL, its annoying, unless you could have an option to control the whole team on bal

Mrobo said...

remove also the FFP (Financial Fair Play) as it is yet function (myb in 2014 if m nt mistaken)

I'm saying this because in PES master league you can not buy BIG players from other clubs no mater how much money your team have (even thou your team has 5 or 10 times more the player's estimated worth)

I shortlisted players like, hazard, rooney, t silva, d silva, even rafael and kagawa, for 5 seasons, those player's likelihood of joining my Mighty REAL MADRID were all below 5%

Its a petty that you have to play 15 seasons so they can die and be born again their mother's encourages them to play soccer again then they bring them to your youth team

Anonymous said...

I would also like to manage a new team at the end of a season as in manager mode on FIFA. This is the only aspect of FIFA that is superior in my opinion.

PES Rules

Anonymous said...

I would like to manage new teams during master league seasons. I would also like an option to change the colour of the managers tie to match the team.

Liverpool manager wouldn't wear a blue and white striped tie, for instance!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Liverpool as a registered team along with Anfield!

Might also be good to improve master league by changing teams throughout seasons, being sacked for missing targets and looking for new club etc. Would make it that bit more realistic!

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Please add the Mexican League (Liga MX) at this momment the mexican clubs are way better then the argentinian clubs and their is millions of people in Mexico and the United States that would buy the game, it would also be great to add Liga Adelante from Spain

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it. It would be great if PES should still focus more on tactics, especially on team playing styles. The differences between the playing styles in 2012 and 2013 are small. Would be great if Barcelona would try to get over 60% ball possession and Real Madrid would get the ball in 10 seconds from goal to goal, like in reality. And add some good stadiumsounds.

Kakarot said...

PES is so much more superior to that arcade game Fifa.
I can see why Fifa always out-sells PES, it's because the arcade gameplay attracts the kids to the game, they find PES too hard to play.
If you want a real game then buy PES - Arcade game Fifa.

Anonymous said...

My wish list:
1- I know getting licenses is hard but I also beleive that getting a license for a second division league must be easy for you. Real 2nd divison leagues.
2- Allow creating your own team. Why don't you create a football life mode named "Uprising Team" with your very own created team.
3- Master League 2013 sucks!
a)Transfer possibilites are hard and not related to the reality at all! Make a real contract option "Means if a player contract duration is 3 years, make his contract in the game 3 years also".
b) Change the possibility for players to sign for your club "Ronaldo's possibility in PES 2013 was 2%, it was almost impossible to buy him; however in real life RealMadrid want to sell him".
c) I can change my team, other clubs can offer me a contract to train their team, also international teams.
d) Remove that items option from game modes, they do imaginary things to the overall rating, it really sucks, and return back the old boots option unless you give me a good reason why football clubs can't afford to buy good boots for their players.
e) Make a player with player transfer.
f) Make a long or short loan period.
g) You can be able to talk to press.
h) Make it easy to reach all clubs' news including transfers, injuries, etc..
i) Make an individual player train, like training a CMF to be a SS, etc..
4- Make a third kit option.
5-Stop that bug that players can pass from other players bodies.
6- Make long range shooting easier specially when the ball is falling down from the air as in real life it's really easy to score a goal from these.
7- In BAL, Allow me to say comments to the manager, like I need to play, I feel tired today, Give me more chances, put me transfer listed, etc..
I think if Konami did that PES would sure be way better than FIFA's!

Anonymous said...

If PES 2014 has a mode like fifa's "pro club", I will buy it and lots of my teammates and other players i'm knowing, too!!!!

Komsh said...

Great news! Hope they will be old master league without all that boots bullshit :)

Anonymous said...

* National super cups(spanish super cup, FA community shield, Supercoppa TIM, DFL-Supercup, Trophée des champions, SuperTaça Cândido de Oliveira, Johan Cruijff-schaal, etc)
* FIFA Confederation cup (1 year before fifa world cup)
* FIFA CLUB World Cup
* more leagues from europa: bundesliga, russia, greece, turkey, more.
* leagues from conmebol (argentina, chile, uruguay, more)
* copa sudamericana and recopa sudamericana
* 3 kit for all teams (home, away, alternative)
* 2 division for all leagues (Not licensed)
* TEAMS from ASIA, AFRICA and ASIA, for a full FIFA Club World Cup
* more skills(hocus pocus, fake rabona, and more)
* more teams from Uefa Champions League and Uefa Europa League
* league cups(Capital One Cup[england], Coupe de la ligue[france], Taca da liga[portugal])

Paul said...

Please Konami, if you are reading this please consider the following:

- Add 3rd Kits for many teams.
- Improve shots on goal (please!! the ball seems to be so heavy in PES2013).
- Add more european teams to "Other Europe" like in PES2010.
- Improve goal nets (make it more loose).
- Greener turfs and better scoreboards.
- More licensed competitions like FIFA Club World Cup and Copa Sudamericana for example.
- More leagues (Don't matter if some of them are unlicensed, we can edit them).


Anonymous said...

Please give us back option to play leagues offline,my friends and me playing for years leagues together not online ,we make partys and tournaments at home,we like to be together and playing tohether is great thing for us

Anonymous said...

My wish on PES 2014:

1. Make the supporters more real
2. Three weather: Dry, Rain, Snowy
3. More type of Nike boots
4. Three kit selection: Home, Away, Third
5. Three GK kits: Home, Away, Third
6. Able to edit players in Master League and delete all items
7. Able to talk to press in ML
8. Netherlands national team is fully licensed!
9. Return the "Club Boss" mode!
10. Able to choose GK Gloves such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc...
11. Licensed player tunnel in Camp Nou, Bernabeu, Old Trafford, Amsterdam arena, etc... because in pes 2013, the player tunnel is all the same! It's sucks
12. Real Coach in some licensed teams
13. Licensed Premier league!
14. More competitions:
a) FIFA Confed cup
b) FIFA Club world cup
c) Licensed Copa dèl Rèy!
15. Big LFP badge on barca's jersey
16. Updated player transfers
17. Able to select time: 12 pm - 10 pm and moving time for example: match is start at 5pm in the afternoon and then ends at 7pm in the night
18. More matchballs
19. Easier player transfers in ML and bigger starting budget
20. Sweating players and their kits get wet when playing in rain

Anonymous said...

Make PES BAL more flexible!
like we can do anything when we not play football, like real football player life. . .

Anonymous said...

Add native support for higher resolutions, I want to play in 5760x1080 and pes 2013 does not allow that :(

Glaucio Lima said...

It would be great to be able to change team in season finale in master league

herli surahman said...

make all of goalkeepers look beautifull with original glove like fifa 13, it will be awesome to see in pes 13 thanks

Anonymous said...

Enhance gameplay !!! please...and improve goalkeeper so they strech their arms to catch the ball...
Improve animations....please! KONAMI!
Graphics are the last thing u should care of...

AHMED BLD said...

i hope that you make able to change sponsor and kits with ml, when the season end

Mszabi said...

I hope they made that i could transfer in ml to the another team... it would be great!

Anonymous said...

Your game is better than fifa,but I wish that:
1-add a konami cup that includes the winner of the UEFA chmapions league against the winner of the copa santander libertadores
2-add a gk mode in become a legend
3-that we can choose the team that we want to sell our players in master league
4-That we can change teams in master league
5-to give orders to the manager in become a legend like we are tired or that we want to play.
Thanks .

FuNKy said...

I really want this in Pes 2014:

- More leagues
- In BAL mode i can talk to press after match or add press conference before the important matchs,i can go to shopping and buy boots,clothes,cars (and drive them,LIKE IN A REAL FOOTBALL PLAYER LIFE !)
- Add playing styles to big clubs like Barcelona with a very good possesion and pass game,Real Madrid on counter attacks..
- Make crowds much more realistic

That's all,but I think it's just fantasy..

Aripin Putra said...


Anonymous said...

can you edit licensed teams kits?

Rami said...

I wish that:
1-In master league:
a-When we play the copa santander we can't prouve that we are the strongest team in the world.Add the world super cup to prove it.I've won it and I am under the 10th in club raking.
b-I've tansfer-listed some players that their overall ratings are over 83 and no club want them.Let us choose what club we want to sell our players so weak clubs want them.
2-In become a legend:
a-I want to give orders to my manager like I want to play or I am tired.
b-Add a Gk mode with clean sheets raking

Anonymous said...

I would like very much to see a "pro clubs" in PES 14 like FIFA have, including the Goalkeeper, it would be amazing because PES its a good football game.

Karim Snypa said...

I like to see managers in ML being able to move from one club to the other and receiving offers from other teams. PES is a great game and I like playing the Master League but it really sucks having to manage only one team all your carear. That is boring and unrealistic.

Anonymous said...

The goalkeeper and the refrees are not good enough and the master league graphic is not always different i wish pes 2014 on ps2 can have a 50% of ps3 ml so that those that have ps2 will not be so eager to play ps3 ml pls make pes2014 Better than pes2013 and i want europa league should be among the menu

Anonymous said...

in master league we can change clubs and join national teams

Anonymous said...

id love more leagues and a more realistic option for div 2.n defo bein able to manage other clubs in ML .AND BRING BACK PLAYER EXCHANGES PLEASE


Anonymous said...

Make PES BAL mode more realistic,like we do anything(using tattos,new hairstyles) etc & also we can do anything like a real life player can do.

el cpat said...

all i wish is that we could exchange a player for another in our master league team!!!instead of buying or making a loan!!!i think it will be better if we can exchange players!!and also if i as the manager of the team,i can be transfered to another team!!

Anonymous said...

Add Malaysian Super League!!!!! I want to play AFC Champions League with Malaysian Clubs teams,please!

Anonymous said...

Viva Pro Evo!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The goalkeeper animations need a massive overhaul, the old dive and flop on the chest looks dated. Make the saves look more acrobatic so that you literally can't belive that the keeper has tipped a shot roud the post. Why not copy the pro's animations, you can choose weather a player takes a free kick the same way as ronaldo, beckham or ronaldinho and so on. Why not be able to choose how a goalkeeper can do their animations, weather their dives and saves imitate joe hart, Casillas or Buffon?!

And please please please get licences for gloves. You can do it with the boots, why not the gloves? Suerly there can't be much difference right! The old oversized gardening gloves look terrible.

Come on pes, give the keepers a chance :) please.

Mario said...

Hey,pes the goalkeeper has no fonctions.Add clean sheets raiting and the possibility to play GK in become a legend and a goalkeeper tutorial.
Another thing why you don't add Fifa World Cup so when you play the copa santander you can prouve to all the world that you are the best team.
Thanks PES 2014.

Usama Siddiqui said...

kindly make faces of all the managers..

Usama Siddiqui said...

Please add faces of all the managers.

Nuno said...

hi Konami , i wish to see Medi Car enters in the field ,and help the injury player , about injuries i´d like to see more often injuries than actually , and about the weather , make some weather changes when the game play is occuring , like the game starts with sun , and at the second half it´s raining , i wish to see some fog at the games , never put at the weather options.

thanks to all

NurAmmar said...

Me? I just want Konami to read all of these wishlists that we have listed. If we keep writing a wishlist but Konami didn't read it at all it would be a waste of time. For me, I just hope the master league and Bal become more realistic with realistic transfer in ML and boot sponsored in Bal. In Bal if we signed for Nike boot sponsor then we can only wear Nike boot, if we wear other than Nike boot then Nike can sue us. If Konami do that in Pes 2014, it gonna be the greatest football game ever.

Jasper said...

I hope that Konami add most of the 1st division teams and add official lincensed stadiums in the serie A, Eredivisie and the Ligue 1

Anonymous said...

please konami i want the master league the manager can be transfer to other teams

Anonymous said...

I think the game is nearly perfect, but bring back the league, cause i wonder what happened to the old PES when a bunch of mates could meet up at one house and begin a multi player lge together, on the couch with a couple of drinks and do battle through a season to claim glory over your mates. ARE we loosing the interaction by being only able to link up through online play. WRITTEN BY, THE PES FAN.

Talal said...

I think that the game is beautiful,but give the goalkeeper a chance.

Anonymous said...

it would be great to have some commentary in the demos, and not some stinking Jon Champion. I want someone like Martin Taylor.

Mario said...

Hail,pes the best game,I just want real dates.In liga BBVA not all teams play the matches at the same day,some of them play before a day some of them after...
Thanks for listnening.

Anonymous said...

if you did a real stats of historic records of each league like "the top scorer ever, fastest goal, biggest score etc " in ML then the manager would try hard to exceed these numbers to make history

Moussa said...

In BAL let us play Gk.

Anonymous said...

please change and add bundesliga to it we beg you

Anonymous said...

breaking news pes 2014 only have the same 3 leagues lincense

Kerry Cupid said...

Pes 2014 wish list
1. Three kits..Home Away and Alternate
2. New realistic and exciting commentary (Ray Hudson, Martin Tyler, Andy Gray etc)
3. Bring back the offline Community its was great for record keeping and tournaments
4. Improve goal keeper skills and response
5. Improve crowd reaction to goal scoring opportunities,misses,fouls, bad calls etc

Dejan Petrovic said...

League mod and winter transfer in league mod

Tornike Shengelia said...

It would be great if ML tranfers would be like fifa i think it is more realistic than buy players using percentage and it wuld be good if in ML we can change our team

Anonymous said...

Hi konami hope you are reading this:

Graphical aspects:

1. Third Kits for all teams and Goal Keepers
2. Chants like boos/agony crys etc
4. Add more animations
(For instance if your team reaches the final make it more realsitic rather then just walking back in to the tunnels)
(If your min scores a last min goal make it as though the fans and the teams bench is going wild etc.)
(Make the subs warm up (animations of subs warming up and stuff/managers facial reactions)
(Linesmen shows the time instead of just flashing it on the screen.)
(Make it like PES6 the as the entry was excellent with photgraphs taken etc.)
(When players retired give them a farewell)
(Guard of honour for teams that win the tittle)
(Fans be more active like showing banners of managers etc.)
5. Change the tunnels as it is too plain and boring
6. Offsides are too annoying as my players often run too fast and make the game more physical as the players go down too easily.
7. Change commentators
8. Team captains shaking hands/exchanging of team emblems before friendlies
Master League:
1. Players to easily come to your team rather spend 20 years to retire and appear in your youth team.
2. Salaries of players are way overboard.
3. Sponser ship deals provide too little money
4. Able to comment about players/managers before big games
5. Able to change teams in master league (Team to team or team to international countries)
6. Last minute rushing of buying players (especially during the last 12h of transfer windows)
7. More Press conference
8. International fixtures be more realistic and not make players tired just before a day of league games
9. Player/Manager of the month
10. Player/Manager of the year

FIFA Conferderations Cup
FIFA Club World Cup
FIFA World Cup
Or Even the Olympic Games

Anonymous said...

please komani provide an option for switching kits in a team.that is using the shorts for the first kit in the second kit or using the shirt for the first kit in second kit. some teams do that these days. makes it more fun to mix things around. for some teams it wouldn't work but for others it would be awesome. Please, please , please.

Secondly bring back player exchange, the situation where you could exchange a player for another and even offer some more money and let teams propose that for your team as well. We wonna make this game more realistic.

Muhammad Fathoni said...

why the appearance lionel messi and his colleagues are not satisfactory in PES 2013?

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