PES 2015 PC Online Match Gameplay

Marvin Ronsdorf of Prorevo Blog just released a new PES 2015 video in 1080p, this time showing an online match against Jjoseca of WENB ES. The new PES 2015 PC gameplay video is also the first PES 2015 gameplay video recorded on the PC version that's available in 1080p.

A Look at the PES 2015 Stadium Editor

The return of Stadium Editor in PES 2015 was often cited by Konami to explain the lack of actual stadiums in the game itself (only 12 stadiums are currently included on PS4 / Xbox One; 17 on PC).

Konami did not really give away any details of the actual Stadium Editor, before yesterday that is. Yesterday the embargo on pictures, videos and write-ups about the PES 2015 preview versions ended, leading to a massive flood of information about literally everything included in PES 2015.

PES 2015 Preview Version Includes Only 12 Stadiums

We were watching the short PES 2015 Menu Video from BGS earlier, when we were shoecked by the fact that only 12 stadiums were included in the Brazil Game Show demo version. The PES 2015 preview version embargo was lifted today and it was revealed that it only includes 12 stadiums as well!

PES 2015 PC Gameplay Videos

Thanks to Winning Eleven Blog ES, we finally have the first few gameplay videos from the PC version of PES 2015 available! After Konami's reluctancy to reveal anything about the PES 2015 PC version, we are finally able to make comparisons with the different console versions.

PES 2015 Full Team List

Next-gen Gaming Blog have uploaded this 15-minute long video showing all PES 2015 leagues & teams. Most notable in the video are the loss of the Chilean League, the addition of 2nd divisions as well as a number of new European teams.

PES 2015 Master League Video

Master League is PES in a way, as it has always been a part of game from the very first editions up until now. Check out the first exclusive video from PES 2015 Master League (PC version) by