How To Improve PES 2015 Graphics Using Downsampling

PES 2015 PC graphics are quite disappointing compared to what PES 2015 looks like on the PS4 and Xbox One - they aren't really 1080p and the LOD (level of detail) is pretty bad, e.g. compared to PES 2014 on PC.

There is however an easy possibility to improve the PES 2015 PC graphics easily - using Downsampling. Downsampling means you render the game in a higher resolution (typically double) than your actual screen resolution which is then downscaled on the fly.

PES 2015 MyClub Coin Prices Revealed

Today, exactly one week after the global PES 2015 release, Konami did not only release the first of many weekly PES 2015 Live Updates, but also unlocked the function to purchase PES 2015 MyClub coins with real money.

PES 2015 Live Update Released - Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Agüero, Luis Suárez Receive Big Updates

The first PES 2015 Weekly Update was made available to download across all platforms today. The first PES 2015 Live Update is based on the week from November 3 to 9 and affects 77 players from the English, French, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian leagues. Team lineups and transfers are also updated with the PES 2015 Live Updates.

PES 2015 Tricks and Skills Tutorial by Maremas

PES YouTuber Maremas today released his annual PES Skills Tutorial video. Maremas' PES 2015 Tricks and Skills Tutorial includes more than 35 different moves and feints with detailed how-to-do instructions.

Official: There won't be any 2015 Patch

Following the controversy and questions regarding the future of the Patch we want to clarify that there will not be any 2015 Patches released during the PES 2015 life cycle.

PES 2015 Demo Released On Steam

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Demo is finally available on Steam. Konami just announced that it's now possible to download the official PES 2015 Demo from Steam, where people can also buy the official full game.